TSKC 20 Year Anniversary Event

TSKC Kata Competition
When? Sunday 19th May 2019
Where? Winslow dojo
What time? 10 o'clock start / 3pm finish

ALL students of TSKC have been entered. £10 Entry fee for 4 categories.

If you have a genuine reason for being unable to attend, please let me know as soon as possible. Everyone must complete this form: Yes I can / No I cannot

Private Lessons
Are you behind on lessons? Do you need to attend more lessons to make your quota before the next grading? TSKC is offering you the chance to have private lessons individually or as small groups (no more than 4) to help you reach your quota. Each hourly lesson will count as 3 lessons towards your grading. Private lessons will enable you to improve your techniques and fine tune the details in your kata. For full details and more info contact Lester Wellington - Chief Instructor via the online message form on the website.
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Gradings 2018
The following dates for next years KYU Gradings have provisionally been booked and are due to take place as follows:

➣ Sunday, 18th March 2018
➢ Sunday, 10th June 2018
➣ Sunday, 9th September 2018
➢ Sunday, 16th December 2018

All Confirmed dates

TSKC Kyu Belt Racks
Ever wondered what to do with the belts from your past gradings? Want somewhere special to display your karate belts? We have your answer! Fully customisable belt racks made to order, to store your belts on your wall or on a freestanding display unit.
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You can have your name across the top; dates of gradings below the belts; wood left in natural pine or stained to your choice. Many options available. For full details contact Sensei Wellington from the CONTACTS page using the online form.

TSKC KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

17th March 2019

The first grading of 2019 on Sunday 17th March 2019 took place at the Bierton dojo starting with a lesson for all. The grading followed and the students performed their best. Two students worked hard enough to be permitted to double grade. Both students were White belts and graded successfully to Red belt (8th Kyu). Congratulations to Hannah Davey and Andy Hall.

After the grading, we reconvened at Cafe Zeera for an informal breakdown of the performance of the students, the grading and a general chat about all things karate whilst enjoying the fantastic food. So looking forward to coming back in June to start more celebrations for TSKC's 20th year. Results

TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.


TSKC Kata Competition

19th May 2019

TSKC will be holding their first Kata Competition at the Winslow Dojo on Sunday, 14th October 2018 at 10am. There will be four categories each student can enter: two individual and two team. Two of the categories will be Mirror Image. In order for this to be a success, EVERYONE will be entered into the competition. Start finding your partners for Team categories - NOW!

There will be 3 person mixed Team kata and a 2 person mixed Mirror Image Team kata. Full details published on the EVENTS page.

Every Member must complete this FORM.

TSKC throughout AUGUST

August 2018

As a member of TSKC you can bring your friends to class and they can train for FREE throughout August 2018.

TSKC throughout Summer

July - September 2018

How can you keep your kids occupied during summer which will also install a sense of self discipline, fitness orientated, fun, enhance self confidence and learn something useful in life? Tairyoku Shotokan Karate Club's are open throughout summer all over Bucks and Bicester where you can learn the Traditional Art of karate. Part of the Japan Karate Association, we provide first class instruction in a family and friendly environment.

The first lesson is FREE but watch out for special introductory offers! For more details checkout the website fully or contact the club. What have you got to lose? Nothing!

JKA National Championships 2018

23rd June 2018

Video Eliza's Gold winning Jion

Video Yasemin's 4th place Empi

This is the 15th year Anniversary National Championships for JKA England and although TSKC were down on the number of participants, we were well represented in all aspects. We had referees, timekeepers, coaches, spectators and last but by no means least, were the stalwart competitors for whom we were all there for. Our competitors were;
Chloe Read
Leon Page
Eva Asekun-Taylor
Euan and Maisie Kane
Eliza Hudson
Yasemin Miller
Keira and Jo Mckenzie
Eleanor Stevens
Emily Hannon

TSKC still managed to pull together two teams for kata one of whom made it through to the finals where they won Bronze. Leon performed extremely well in both Kata and kumite getting through to the last 8 in both. Medals will soon be falling his way if he keeps this up. Eleanor won Bronze in her kumite category. Maisie, Euan, Chloe, Jo and Emily, despite not getting medals, held their own and did their best during the elimination rounds. Emily, apparently performed her best yet kata but was beaten by a competent opponent.

Eva had an extremely good completion especially when she faced Mia Lam in the eliminations and gave as good as she got. Well done Eva. Yasemin got through to the finals in her kata category and after a gruelling re-match, attained 4th place. Top 3 were all JKA England squad members. Keira performed well in her individual categories and was integral in the team kata placing 3rd. Well done.

Eliza did what she does best - compete! Winning Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite and Bronze with Keira and Yasemin. All was not over yet. Eliza was also presented with a shield as the best overall Junior competitor during the Championships. I believe this is the second time she has won this. At the age of only 10yrs old, you really must appreciate just how good she is.

FREE Karate at TSKC

June 2018


TSKC Training

December 2017

The Festive Season is upon us and the end of the year is nigh. The last training for the year will be Thursday 21st December 2017 at Bierton. Your instructors look forward to seeing you there. We resume regular training on Thursday 4th January but there will be an Introductory class at Waddesdon on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

May I take this opportunity, not only to wish all the members of Tairyoku SKC who have supported the club throughout the year and supported me when it was needed, but to all future members, visitors and anyone who reads our website - a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!


Guest Instructor

19th May 2018

Saturday morning training at Bierton with a guest Instructor. I have enlisted the assistance of another JKA England Instructor to attend our dojo and deliver a class for you. In return, I would like you to attend and support this event and show some respect to the Instructor.

If you only attend once a week and it's not usually a Saturday, do not fear this lesson is FREE, it does not count on your lesson plan so make the effort to attend.


NEW Shodan!

6th May 2018

The start of the JKA International Spring Course got underway on Friday afternoon and was due to run until the Bank Holiday Monday. Sunday, however, was the day most people attending the course were looking forward to the most. At the end of the training session, a Black belt grading was to take place. Grading from 3rd DAN up to 5th DAN was re-scheduled to take place first. This is a closed grading which means only the students taking the grading and Examiners were allowed in. Subsequently, this meant that those students taking 1st & 2nd DAN had to wait 2½ hours before they graded.

Leon was one of the first to grade and put on an excellent performance in his basics, kumite and kata which resulted in him passing his black belt at the first attempt. Congratulations! Julie's grading followed but nerves did get the best of her, nonetheless, she only has to do late next time. A great effort from our youngsters.


Extract of Letter from Head of Association

9th March 2018

Going forward, third dan and above gradings will now only take place at the International Courses twice a year. To be eligible to grade at that level you must have attended a JKA England National or International Course in the preceding year and attend all days of the course (4 days in Spring and 3 days in Winter). Other dan grading events will only be up to second dan and the rules remain unchanged.

There is a new JKA England syllabus now in operation. Copies were given to Chief Instructors at the AGM. If you have not received one please email technical@jka-england.org

As you know, the English Karate Federation requires that all JKA England Chief Instructors hold a Child Safety and First Aid certificate. We held a very successful course First Aid Course in the South East and are currently arranging a course for each of the another regions. Details will be sent to you via your Regional Representative when finalised.

JKA England has adopted the NSPCC online Child Safety Course. The link to the webpage is below.

NSPCC Online Course

For those of you who received an email regarding the EKF coaching license please do not complete and return the form until you have both the Child Safety and First Aid certificates.

As I am sure you are aware, this year is our 15th Anniversary. Our May course should be especially interesting with Imura, Kobayashi and Mai Shiina Sensei’s coming over from JKA Headquarters in Tokyo as well as our good friend Sawada Sensei from Belgium. It would be great to see you and your students there supporting the Association.

Finally, we have a have hard working and dedicated Executive and Technical Committee. Our role is to support you in whatever way we can so if you need help or assistance please let us know. All contact details are on the website at JKA-England.org

Very best wishes

Tony Cronk
Head of Association
JKA England


DAN Grading & Course - Newark

25th February 2018

The day couldn't have started off worse. Had to get up pre 6.30am for the second day in a row! After our trip to the Newark Fitness and Leisure Centre, administrative issues took over and with help from the admin unit of JKA England everything was back on course - as far as Charlie was concerned anyway. 3 hours training with JKA England Senior instructors culminated with no less than 6 students from JKA England obtaining International Licences. Lunch was next to be followed by a trip upstairs from the main hall to the Studio where the DAN grading was to take place at 3pm.

The stage was set and the students taking their grading and club Instructors were allowed in to watch. There was no viewing gallery so the parents were virtually left outside. The examination panel consisted of Sensei's Ohta 7th DAN; Ismail 6th DAN; Stewart 6th DAN and Tomlin 6th DAN. Both Charlie and Eva were ready for this having trained extremely hard over the past 6 months or so.

Eva was up first, being tested for the full Shodan grading. Nothing is perfect. The trouble was Sensei Ohta saw all the minor errors that Eva knew about but because of her hard work and willingness to listen, not only to Sensei Ohta but her Instructor too, they were minor and didn't affect her ability to demonstrate what she could do. Basics out of the way, we moved on to her katas. She had chosen Bassai Day, as had every other student taking Shodan to day. Following this, the kata of choice from the panel of examiners was Heian Nidan. I knew where her faults were going to be but had no concerns.

Now came the part I think Eva has the most problem with and not in a physical way - kumite. The opponent she was up against was taller and looked older. Didn't phase her though and out she went flowing with confidence. Sensei picked up on the fact that she was getting a little close for some kicks and to stay away a bit more. With that, she went straight in with a foot sweep and punch to the head, executed with precision timing. This is what the examiners wanted to see and she didn't disappoint.

Charlie was up next after a gruelling wait of over an hour and a half whilst everyone else went through their grading. As he was kumite only, I think the examiners were looking for something more from him. I couldn't have been more right. First up for the semi free sparring, Charlie was up against an older boy who was already a Shodan and was and did, successfully grade to Nidan. Charlie performed well in this, finding his distance and getting out when he needed to. Found his target and delivered the goods. Next was his free sparring. They now changed his opponent, not only for someone bigger and appeared stronger, but he had already previously been up and taken his kumite test so he was already warmed up and fresh. If only he'd kia'd on his first attack, Charlie would have had it in the bag from the off but the pressure got the better of him. Charlie put on a fine display of control, distance and variety of technique and like Eva, in the dying moments did what he had to do to seal a great performance with a burst of energy and courage.


TSKC B&B Course

21st January 2018

Black & Brown belt course.

With the February DAN grading coming up soon, Black and Brown belts were offered a course just for them to hone in on their skills and techniques. The poor weather did not put off the 20 or so attendees. Unfortunately the lady who books the sessions for users forgot we were coming and booked in another group right after us so we had to cut it shorter than we liked. I am sure all those that attended took something valuable away with them - as long as it wasn't the lighting equipment!


TSKC Grading

10th December 2017

As you may be aware, the above grading had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Alternative arrangements have now been put in place. Please see the EVENTS page for details; Facebook page or email sent to all those signed up to the Mailing List.


International Course and DAN Grading

1st - 3rd December 2017

More pics added!

This may have been the last time Osaka Sensei 8th DAN would attend our JKA England course as he is no longer a member of JKA Honbu, however, together with Ueda Sensei 4th DAN he was a guest Instructor. Sensei Ueda was a special Guest Instructor at our dojo in November 2013. The course was not as large as in previous years and this was due to the fact that Norway had just held a 30 year celebration Gasshuku where they must have invited 10 JKA Honbu instructors.

TSKC were represented on the Sunday course with the attendance of Eva Wheeler, Cyril Marek, Julie Markova and of course, Anushtup Chatterjee who was taking his DAN grading. Anushtup came to TSKC 2 years ago when his family came to live here from India. He was already a 7th Kyu with JKA India so the transition wasn't as awkward as it could have been. He trained regularly and in the 6 months leading up to the grading, doubled his training and took some private lessons.

The day had finally arrived but didn't start off too well. There had been electrical problems in London which affected the trains to Crawley, the chosen method of transport from Milton Keynes as the family do not have a car. Instead, they hired a taxi in order to get them there on time. After an enjoyable 3 hour course, Anushtup had to wait for the Senior DAN grading to finish before taking his. His basics were faultless and the determination on his face indicated he meant business. Moving on to his kumite, both he and his partner, Keira Straker form Stevenage, performed exquisitely. Only Kata left and having chosen Bassai Day for himself, the Grading Examiners chose Tekki Shodan for him.

Anushtup put on a fantastic display of technique which resulted in him passing his grading and in my eyes very well deserved. The whole matter being saddened by the fact that the Chatterjee family may be returning to India at the end of December. They will all be missed. Well done Anushtup.


Central Region Championships

1st October 2017

University of Hertfordshire - Sports Village,
De Havilland Campus,
Mosquito Way,
AL10 9EU

This was the first JKA England Central Region competition for a long time. May I first take this opportunity to thank ALL of the TSKC competitors for participating in this event. Without you, it would not have taken place.

The Hertfordshire Sports Village is a great location, not just for the Central Region but JKA England clubs in general. We were in one of the 3 sections of the main sports hall and co-incidentally the other two sections were taken by a National Taekwondo competition.

Despite the large number of TSKC participants, they were spread across the categories quite evenly. The morning activities were concentrated on the Junior events of Individual Kata and Kumite as well as the Team Kata events. You could say that the event overrun slightly but all was brought back on course with good co-ordination and planning. The afternoon was dedicated to the senior competitors. The students performed extremely well across the board and TSKC came away with 55 medals - 8 were for Team Kata; 21 for Individual Kata and 26 for Individual Kumite.


4 Nations Championships

4th November 2017

Pease Pottage Hill,
West Sussex
RH11 9BQ

Not so many entries for this competition as the Central Region in October. Those that wished to compete were given the opportunity. Ten students from TSKC took up the challenge and bright and early on Saturday 4th November attended the K2.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend but Hannah did a grand job in keeping an eye on our students and coaching them successfully. There were no team events just Individual Kata and Kumite events. I am also pleased to announce that this was Avichal and Gunjan's first International competition for our Kyu grades. The club did extremely well bringing home 6 medals: 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Avichal RASTOGI Yasemin MILLER Eleanor STEVENS X / S

Central Region Championships

1st October 2017

University of Hertfordshire - Sports Village,
De Havilland Campus,
Mosquito Way,
AL10 9EU (MAP)

This is the first JKA England Central Region competition for a long time. As we are in the Central Region, it is imperative that we make a huge contribution by way of participants. Therefore ALL club members have been entered. If you have a good and valid reason not to participate, that's fine. I do not ask much from you but on this occasion, I am asking you to participate and show the rest of the Region that TSKC is THE club to belong to.

There will be some strong competition out there which is why I want you to start taking it seriously and work your way towards doing the best you can, NB: volunteers for Referees, Judges, Timekeepers, & general helpers will be very welcome! You do not need any previous experience to perform as Timekeeper or General helper.

It's a great day out! For information on the Categories; Rules and what you will need, click on the relevant links nearer the date.

For information on the Categories; Rules and what you will need click on the relevant links.


Information - TSKC will be submitting the Entry Form


Pay £20 for competition

TSKC KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

10th September 2017

Summer is over and students return to school not having trained throughout the holiday. An unavoidable lull in training for so many but there are the more committed students who keep there training up and are in a position to grade.

Sensei Ohta 7th DAN JKA, Chief Instructor, was our grading examiner and although the classes were slightly smaller than usual, he still managed to enthuse the students with his unique way of teaching. Both Senior and Junior grades will never fail to learn something new when Sensei visits. After the first session, Sensei Ohta was kind enough to agree to present Anthony Coogan and Laney Haywood with their DAN Grade certificates.


TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

Astonbury Music Festival

19th August 2017

Our last demo of the year took place at Astonbury, Aston Clinton Park on Saturday, 19th August 2017. The day before didn't give a good impression for good weather, however, it was perfect. The sun had been out all day and the ground was dry and firm.

The demo team arrived at 2.15pm for a 2.30pm start. Initially we were under the impression that we may be performing on the stage but this was dashed when we saw how much room there was amongst the musical instruments. We plumped for the area in front of the stage which wasn't ideal but better than the stage.

We displayed our skills in Basics, Kata and Kumite which was well received by the crowd of spectators. I must say, the food that was available on the stalls looked amazingly tasty. Shame I had dinner waiting for me at home. A big thank you to the demo team who turned up today. It would not have happened without you.

Lester Wellington

Medbourne Pavilion Fayre

1st July 2017

On the 1st July, a troop of karateka made their way to Medbourne Pavilion to demonstrate karate for the masses. Led by Aaron Kader and Hannah Jevans, the students performed the three key aspects of karate; kihon, kata and kumite.

Although based on what is usually studied in class, the demonstration mixed up the basics a little in order to show the variety of techniques the students learn. In the kata section, the students were counted through Kihon before performing their grading kata, with the exception of the brown belts, who performed Tekki Shodan. After this, the brown and black belts performed Bassai Dai.

A special thanks must be said to Eliza Hudson for demonstrating Empi alone, as a shining example for all club members, young and old.

Following the kata, the students paired up and went through three step sparring for both jodan and chuudan. Then, after spreading out, the students partook in some light freestyle sparring.

In the case of the lower grades, their aim was to practice blocking unexpected chudan punches and then countering. While the higher grades had more freedom to attempt other moves while refraining from giving anyone a bloody nose!

This routine was repeated twice, after which Aaron led the students through some bunkai, including moves from Heian Godan.

Despite the brass band trying to drown the students out, they performed with enthusiasm and most managed to avoid grass stains. We all look forward to next week’s demonstration at Bierton!

Hannah Jevans

TSKC KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

17th June 2017

Was this the hottest day of the year? I have no idea. We were inside the Bierton oven, training and conducting our Summer Kyu grading. With over 70 bodies training hard, the dojo was steaming!

Sensei Gary took everyone for the first session covering everything the students needed to know for their grading and a whole lot more, especially for the lower grades. After an hour, the lower grades were given a well earned break whilst Sensei Gary took the Black & Brown belts for a session of their own where they covered four advanced kata and some bunkai. I know everyone had a great time.

TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

TSKC KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

11th March 2017

An interesting grading was to take place today. Sensei Wellington, teamed up with his counterpart from Yushikai Karate Academy, Sensei David Paulus, to conduct the lesson and grading.

Traditionally this is a small grading event for us but I was pleased to see the Chief Instructor of JKA Marlow (Simon Mensforth), attending with four of his students. You are always welcome.

The hour class was taken by Sensei David and overran a little bit but on this occasion, we did have a deadline to try and keep to. I am sure the birthday party that was in after us did not want to put up with students throwing out roundhouse kicks!. Sensei David slotted in well and appeared to be very well received by the students during the class. He was his usual humorous self and brought out the spirit of the students and it showed by their attitude to the training.

All the students performed to the best of their ability and that is all you can ask. A special congratulations to Joanna Mckenzie who double graded from White Belt to Red belt (10th - 8th Kyu) and Nixon Charlier who double graded from Orange belt to Yellow belt (9th - 7th Kyu).

Once the training had concluded, the group photo was taken and Sensei Wellington presented three Shodan Grading certificates to Dawn read; Hari Eluri and Eva Wheeler. Congratulations to you all. This is where your journey starts.

After grading we descended on the 5 Bells in Weston Turville for a well deserved lunch. I appreciate those students who accompanied us. Next grading is scheduled for 10th June 2017.

TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

DAN Grading & Course at Glastonbury

26th February 2017

Following on from storm Doris, the trip to the West Country could have proved a disaster, however, I travelled down early on the Sunday morning hoping that all was well. I was aware that the majority of members attending were indeed travelling down the night before. The roads were clear and the weather was fantastic. Arrived in plenty of time.

The course was well attended by JKA England clubs, especially considering only eight attendees were actually taking their DAN grading. Our Patricia was one of them. The course started on time and the focus was on kumite drills and combinations moving on to some of the more not so practiced katas Tekkin Shodan; Nidan and Sandan for the DAN grades which was well appreciated by yours truly.

The course came to an end and Sensi Ohta was pleased to present Sensei Dave Paulus with the Club of the Year Award certificate and £100 cheque. Not to be out done, the first presentation was the Dylan Award, which shows that JKA England recognise external work and contribution to the community in another way other than karate. Eliza Hudson was nominated by Sensei Wellington in recognition of the sterling efforts she made raising cash for Alzheimer's in memory of her Granddad. She did this by having friends, family etc sponsor her to have her hair cut off. She raised well over £1,800. Furthermore the hair she had cut off, was sent away to be made into wigs for children who have suffered hair loss through other illness. Well done Eliza. She had no idea she had been nominated and the look on her face when it was announced was indescribable!

After a short break, we reconvened in the smaller gymnasium to witness Patricia's grading to Shodan. She performed extremely well showing that skill, determination and commitment all work hand in hand to achieve your goals. Well done.

3rd JSKA Championships 2017

4th February 2017

For the first time in a number of years, TSKC decided that we were going to enter a few more competitions to satisfy the needs of some members and to enhance the experience of others. Initially, we put a team of 11 together and were ready to face the opposition that awaited. Having spoken with Sensei David Paulus from Yushikai, they had also had the same idea and were going to submit a team of 6 students. We agreed to combine and enter under TSKC. As is always the case, some other students heard about this and in the end TSKC was now 29 strong - on paper.

Forms having been submitted, the day arrived. Sensei Geoff Luker (SESKA) and myself volunteered to judge on the day whilst Sensei's Steart (Westminster) and Paulus (Yushikai) were acting as Squad coaches. Two failed to appear so the squad on the day was 27. We had 13 JKA England squad members on the team including our very own Yasemin. We supplied 4 of the 6 non black and brown belt competitors too.

The venue was too small to accommodate the near 300 competitors on the day. There were 3 areas and a hist of categories. It got off to a slow start but picked up along the way and although it was supposed to finish at 5pm, the fact that it finished at 8pm was good. All the students performed to their best and although we have not documented 4th place positions we did receive 3 or 4 places.

Here is a breakdown of the team and medals won.
TSKC Members took 8 medals: 5 GOLD and 3 Bronze)

We amassed 28 medals at the JSKA Comp on Saturday. (This is counting our Team Kumite victory as 2 medals)
This is not mentioning at least 3 or 4 4th places.

Winning karateka (Kata / Kumite)
Dawn READ X / B Eliza HUDSON G / X Keira MCKENZIE G / X
Anchal GARG G / B Yasemin MILLER G / X Dylan LIM HON X / B
Charlotte ARCHER G / X Harrison LANGRIDGE B / X Rachel O'HALLORAN G / S Team Kumite G
Jana SERSNOVA S / G Team Kumite G Leilani GABRIELLI G / G Aoi NAKAMURA G / X
Igor KOVALENKO G / S Endri KRASNIQI B / S Abigail GOOD S / S
Viktor LAM G / S Mia LAM S / G

I believe our Team consisted of 13 JKA England Squad members; 14 non-squad members.
Of those 17 were Black belts; 4 Brown belts; 2 Purple/white; 3 Yellow; 1 Red belt.
20 Medals won by Black belts (10 Gold; 7 Silver; 3 Bronze)
1 medal (Bronze) won by Brown belts
7 medals won by others (5 Gold; 1 Silver; 1 Bronze)

Pics to come.

DAN Grading & Course at Hatfield

11th December 2016

This was a good day for TSKC. After a miserable day weatherise yesterday, this morning the sun was shining bright. Dawn capped it with a quote on Facebook: "Good day for a grading." TSKC was well represented at the Course today with 10 members participating in this National Course, 3 of whom were hoping to grade to Shodan. Eva was Kata Only, Hari - Kumite only and Dawn was grading for the first time.

The guest Instructor for the course was one of our very own JKA England members who went to live in Japan 6 years ago. Roisin Campbell has won numerous medals in World, European and National championships, is fluent in Japanese now and graduated from one of Japan's top university's and also passed the JKA Instructor course which is no mean feat at all, let alone for a non-Japanese!

After the long and extremely arduous course, the grading got underway about 45 minutes later. This was a pretty large grading with 41 attempting Shodan, 13 Nidan and 6 Sandan. It was also a very long day for all concerned. Dawn was up first and you could see a few nerves showing, which is not a bad thing but she was confident and enthusiastic all the way through. Eva was having issues with one of her katas and it was the same one the examiner, Sensei Ohta, chose for her to perform so in coing so and passing, shows true grit. Hari started the day off leaving important paperwork at home. Whoops! However, his performance in his kumite was a huge step up from last time. Relentlessly attacking and defending as a true Black belt.

The result was fantastic - all passing Shodan. Well done.

KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

4th December 2016

Today was a first for many of those who were taking their Kyu grading. Our grading Examiner was Sensei Ohta, 7th DAN, Chief Instructor for JKA England. It has been nearly two years since Sensei Ohta has been to TSKC to conduct a Kyu grading. It was so nice to see him wearing our club tracksuit top! Another first was Sensei Graham was in charge of the proceedings for the the first half of the event and congratulations must go to him for ensuring all 98 students were signed up and registered in time to start training at noon.

We also had quite a few guests from local clubs some of whom came to train, others to take their grading. My thanks to the Chief Instructors of Harpenden (Simon Marchant-Jones); JKA Marlow (Simon Mensforth); Ataru (Jamie Thomson) for attending with your students. I must also extend a very warm welcome to the members of Abergavenny SKC who came all the way from Wales, yes Wales, to train with us today.

The hour and a half class ran into two hours due to the number of karateka training and grading, which is always a good thing, especially in todays climate. Sensei was his usual humorous self which made the younger students feel more at ease but still exhibiting the need for students to strive for perfection. Sensei's unique method of putting across exactly what he wants is certainly an art.

Once the training had concluded, the group photo was taken and Sensei Wellington presented Kiera McKenzie with the elusive TSKC Mug, which cannot be purchased but awarded to deserved students. Kiera has been with TSKC for around 6 months. She trains twice a week every week with her dad, at the last grading passing both 9th Kyu and 8th Kyu in an impressive manner. She was the first student to offer to participate in the JKA England Open Championships in November where she took Silver in her category for Kata. Fantastic start to a promising time with her karate and with TSKC.

The day was wrapped up when 15 karateka went for an 'impromptu' curry in Wing, which was absolutely top class. On a personal note, I thank all those who attended to support TSKC and accompany Sensei Ohta. Next grading is scheduled for March 2017.


TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

JKA Open Championships 2016

19th November 2016

Click pic 4 Pics!
I was informed that this was the biggest competition we have hosted for a number of years. Around 440 and as we provided 22 of them, that's 5%. Our competitors spanned various categories; different grades; ages and abilities so we were spread pretty thin. Despite all that, we managed a very impressive 10 medals. Details below.

To make things even sweeter, our little pocket rocket, Eliza Hudson, was awarded best junior competitor for the Championship and was given a JKA England tracksuit! I am certain that she is well within the sights of the England Squad coaches now.

A mention for Maisie. I am so pleased with the way that she performed in her kumite matches, managing to get through all the eliminations and into the finals, losing out marginally on a higher placed medal. Dawn was hankering after a medal and she did it with style, ending up on the podium with 2 JKA England squad members and another Black belt from TSKUK, placing 3rd. Oss! Next we had Chloe who placed 3rd in her Kumite category and a great 3rd place from Vitaly - great feat, well done.

My two stalwarts, Jason and Yasemin performed to their best bringing in two Silvers. Jason has not been training recently but still participated and supported TSKC. Apparently, Jason sustained a hamstring injury and was unable to take part any further. Yasemin's performance during her Kata category was outstanding. Making her way through the elimination rounds without error. In the finals, she was first up and scored 21.1. The next two competitors received much lower scores and the last competitor, equaled Yasemin. After adding back the lowest score removed, it was still a draw, so the highest score removed, was added back. Result - still a draw so there was a re-match. Yasemin was pipped at the post. In her kumite category, she reached the semi-finals convincingly but came up against a much older and bigger opponent. She held her own but in the end was eliminated.

A final for a mention for Anchal, who I predicted would do well in Kumite and not so well in Kata - not because she's bad though. Gold in kumite makes up for it. Another prediction of mine was a medal win for Kiera, who accomplished a well deserved Silver medal, just missing out on Gold in Kata. Onwards and upwards for next year. We have a lot of talent in TSKC and some of the students do not realise their potential.

TSKC Medal / Certificate Winners: JKA Open Championships 2016
Name Kata Kumite
Dawn Read Bronze
Anchal Garg 4th place Gold
Eliza Hudson Gold Gold
Jason Fox Silver
Vitaly Zhyhun Bronze
Chloe Read Bronze
Kiera McKenzie Silver
Maisie Kane Bronze
Yasemin Miller Silver

TSKC Kumite Course

5th November 2016

Click pic 4 Pics!
The Kumite course for TSKC students took place today, as planned, with Rachel O'Halloran, 2nd DAN a long time and very active member of the JKA England Squad. The idea for the course is to try and prepare the intermediate and lower grades for the upcoming competition and give a little bit of feedback and hints to more senior grades for their kumite.

The club turnout was very good with 31 students attending to support the club and gain some valuable information for their karate. It is also a great way to enhance your knowledge by training with different Sensei's of all grades and abilities. Everyone has something to offer. the course started at 10am and Rachel went through the basics of punching and blocking emphasising the need to relax, apply kime, use of the hips, correct posture and power. Once this had been put across, Rachel partnered the students with each other and put Sanbon Kumite into practice. Moving on from that, Rachel put the students through various drills to practice using the outstretched hand as the blocking hand, ensuring the correct use of hikete. This neatly lead on to the intermediary kumite for the Open Championships in two weeks time, with Ippon kumite. The lower grades appeared to take this in their stride but it was great practice for those entering the competition.

After a very short break indeed, the students practised the basics for Jyuu kihon ippon kumite for the senior grades and then again put them all to work. The course was rounded up with some great tips on freestyle kumite, ensuring you finish moves, techniques are strong and you try not to snap back techniques. There has already been some great feedback about the course and it's instructor which has been passed on. Once again, I thank everyone for participating especially the low grades that attended. Despite early failures, a curry house was found!

Central Region Course @ Bierton

5th November 2016

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Today, TSKC were hosting the Central Region's Special Course with Sensei Ohta. The Central Region Officer, Martyn King, organised the course to be held at the Bierton Dojo where Sensei Ohta was going to explain the Bunkai (application of the moves) of the Heian Katas and Tekki Shodan.

Space at a premium, places were limited to the first 50 students to book through their Chief Instructor and this happened extremely quickly. Dojo's from all over the Region were included; Oxford University; Reading; Ataru; Oxford City; Harpenden, Stevenage and of course TSKC. The course commenced at 10am sharp and the hall was packed with students ranging from 9th Kyu through to 5th DAN all ready to work closely with each other.

Sensei Ohta started going through the basic moves included in those kata highlighting facts such as there are no Jodan (high level) punches in any of the kata and the different kicks that occur in the various kata. Each kata was to be broken down into the way the moves are to be executed, how they are executed and then the bunkai of certain combinations throughout the kata. Sensei was very precise on explaining the important points of turning in kata and how to produce energy and power and not losing it.

Three hours was not long enough, as Sensei Ohta was so thorough in his approach to the bunkai that he only had enough time to explain, in detail, up to and including Heian Sandan. Maybe we can persuade him to come back at a later date to compete the series! From the feedback I have received, the course was extremely well appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. So much so, that we decided to retire to an Indian restaurant for lunch and relax in comfortable surroundings with Sensei. I would like to extend my thanks firstly to all TSKC students who attended and supported this event and to the visiting clubs, who I hope enjoyed our hospitality and company. Looking forward to our Kumite Course with Rachel O'Halloran next week.

TSKC ESP & Temp Grading

22nd October 2016

With the enormous success of our previous ESP and Temp grading last July, we are holding a second one on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at the Bierton Dojo. This gives students who joined us close to the last grading in September and were unable to participate, the opportunity to see how they are progressing and to gain valuable experience of the Grading environment. Likewise, for students who received a temporary grade at a previous grading, this is their opportunity to remove that and grade to a full grade before the next grading.

For full details, please see the events page.

JKA International Course & DAN Grading

18th September 2016

Once again, and All Star line up of Course Instructors consisting of Osaka Sensei 8th DAN, Imamura Sensei 7th DAN and Ohta Sensei 7th DAN, were raring to go to deliver top quality training to the attendees. The Course followed the usual format of holding certain classes for certain katas so the students were aware of which katas were being taught / practiced and when. The Course Instructors took turns to teach the different grades over the theee days. There was a Kyu Grading held on the Saturday and a DAN Grading on the Sunday.

Osaka Sensei is renowned for being the hardest Grading examiner in JKA and despite a good attendance of students, there were only 19 students taking DAN grades and that includes Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and Godan. I am pleased to announce that our Tom Green, who trains mainly at the Waddesdon dojo, suchessfully passed his Shodan grading. Congratulations Tom!

TSKC Grading - March 2017

11th March 2017

As trial, for the New Year, TSKC will be hosting the March Grading on Saturday 11th March 2017 at the Bierton Dojo, instead of the Sunday. Class will start at 9am for ALL Grades and the grading will follow.

Course at Stevenage KC with Osaka Sensei

19th September 2016

Sensei Osaka 8th DAN JKA will be teaching at the Stevenage Karate Club for a special class. We have been invited to attend. Even if you managed to train with Sensei Osaka at the International course in the days leading up to this class, do not miss the opportunity to train with him in a cosier environment.

There will be students attending from Stevenage; Harpenden; Ataru and possibly Reading and Oxford. Training starts at 6.30pm for ALL grades and ALL ages. At 7.30pm, the class will continue for ALL Black & Brown belts and KYU grades who are 15/16yrs upwards. The training will cost £10per hour.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending as we need to know how many are attending via our CONTACT page. I can then send you the venue details.

KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

4th September 2016

Third grading of the year and our Examiner on this occasion was Sensei Gary Stewart, 6th DAN JKA. Initially it looked like there may have been a delay in starting the lesson and grading due to Sensei Stewart's train from London being cancelled! However due to excellent organisation and forethought, the event was kept on track and started on time.

We started the class at 1pm for all grades, covering all aspects of basics, kumite and kata. The dojo was packed and the students thoroughly enjoyed Gary's lesson. After 75 minutes the lower grades were bowed out and Sensei Gary took the Black & Brown belts for more advanced training for 30 minutes, at the end of which, Tom Green took his Shodan Assessment in front of all the students.

The KYU grading then took place, where it was obvious that the students were putting in 100% effort throughout their grading but inevitably there is always room for improvement. I cannot stress how important it is for students to listen to the feedback they are given at the end of the grading, and make a conscious effort to improve on those salient points.

It would be so remiss not to highlight the efforts of one particular student Kiera. She attended our club with her dad, Steve, to watch him take part in the class at the end of July. She then came training twice a week up until today - with 2 classes missed as she visited her grandparents!. A little gentle persuasion and she too, joined in. She took to it, like a duck to water and progressed quickly. All of her effort paid off when she double graded to 8th KYU - Red belt. Huge congratulations!


TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

Shodan Assessment Results

22nd August 2015

With the next JKA England DAN grading fast approaching, that time had arrived for those students wishing to take their Shodan grading, to prove that they are worthy of wearing the coveted belt. In order for them to do that, JKA England are insistent that ALL karateka wishing to take their first level (Shodan) grading, must be assessed by a 3rd DAN or above, through a practical assessment and prove that they have reached the required standard. At TSKC, we go one step further and include a written exam as well. In order to pass the assessment, you must pass both the written and the practical parts by attaining 60% or more in each!

Today, five students arrived at the dojo for their assessment. The results of the assessments can be viewed by the participants only and in each case, only their own. If you took your assessment, you will or should have received an email with your password therein. To view your Shodan Assessment Report and Result, please click on the link below. Enter your Last name; First Initial; PWD provided to you via email / SMS in the following format: "Lastname;Initial;PWD" removing the ";" between the format shown. i.e. "BloggsJgy27F6Mh3Z". If you have a double-barrelled name, use the first part only. Remove any apostrophes too. We don't have a Joe Bloggs in the club so don't use that one! Please note there is no space between any of the input data. Also, you MUST either [tab] to the SUBMIT button or use the mouse otherwise it may result in an error and not accessing your page. The results will be removed after the DAN Grading.


TSKC Special Course

28th August 2016

One bright sunny morning in August - no wait, it's raining now. Ooops sun's out again... and rain! Well, spirits were not dampened in the dojo! Early start for the Black and Brown belt course in Winslow in order to prepare students for the upcoming Shodan Assessment (next Saturday) and subsequent DAN Grading at Crawley on the 18th September. The course kicked off with a thorough warm up session taken by Keith and no sooner was that over, we moved straight into the Kumite section of the course. In order to keep the DAN grades up to speed they took part in the jiyuu kihon ippon by partnering up with a 1st Kyu, which in turn raises the level for the Brown belts.

All the pitfalls for performing jiyuu kihon kumite incorrectly were highlighted along with tips and options they may wish to consider or be aware of. After a couple of partner changes we moved on to jiyuu kumite - free sparring - as that is the second component in the DAN grading. Working on zanshin, kime, distance and combinations certainly made everyone work harder than normal. We started off by examining the 1st kyu's in pairs and pointing out elements which could be worked on to improve their technique or tactics. After that, all students took to the dojo floor for kumite and swapping partners constantly tested their stamina.

After a short break, we moved on to the Kata element of the course. I tried various methods to test the students, ensuring the Brown belts were up to speed with Bassai Dai; Tekki Shodan; Heian Godan and Heian Yondan. The DAN grades were taken through Bassai Dai; Tekki Shodan; Bassai Sho and Gojushiho Sho. There were plenty of opportunities to point out the common mistakes and mention the important parts of these katas students need to be aware of. Unfortunately, time was running out and we were unable to cover the remaining 3 Heian katas. I hope they will do some self study before the Assessment and pending grading.

Finally, all the attendees were put through their kihon techniques for the next grading. With the odd correction here and there, all performed well. To those of you attempting a DAN grade on the 18th, I wish you the best of luck especially as one of the grading examiners is Osaka Sensei!

JKA England Squad Selections

September 2016; January 2017 and May 2017

Are you capable and interested in competing on behalf of JKA England? Do you think you have what it takes? Can you commit to a strict training regime? If you have answered 'yes' to all these questions, then this article may interest you. JKA England are holding Squad Trial Sessions this year and next. Any student wishing to try out on any of these sessions, should contact the Chief Instructor and if suitable, he will recommend you.
Contact Chief Instructor

Squad sessions will cost £7 and students must bring mitts and gum shields. See Events page for more details.

With karate now being a feature in the next Olympic games, this is your opportunity to join our club and learn the Traditional Art of Shotokan Karate, the way it is taught at the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in Japan.

Tairyoku Shotokan Karate Club was the first JKA England club in Buckinghamshire and has Dojo's spread across the central and northern parts of the county. With Classes being held Monday to Saturday, there should always be a class for you to attend.

Gradings for the students takes place every 3 months at our Bierton Dojo. Training is in a family friendly environment. We invite Novices, beginners and advanced students to come and join us and see what it's all about.

Contact the Chief Instructor, Sensei Lester Wellington, for details

JKA England Competition

Closing date 19th August 2016

Competition time!

JKA England need to design medals for the upcoming Open Championship in November. They are calling upon ALL JKA England members who are 15yrs and below, to design the next Open Medal! There is not a lot of time so here are the details:

The design needs to be circular (ideally drawn inside a circle) which will become a 5-6cm medal. JKA England will format it for final use so entries can be photographed, emailed on word, pdf, JPG, Gif etc and they will do their best to convert it accurately. The same design will be used for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The medal should state ‘JKA England’ and ‘Open Championships 2016’ on it somewhere but after that almost anything goes. The medal design will be monochromatic so designs should be done in Black; White and shades of Grey.

Entries must be sent to the EVENTS officer for JKA England (events@jkaengland.org.uk), no later than 19th August 2016 so that the winner can be announced at the Hatfield Course on 20th August 2016. Details should be officially published on the JKA England Facebook page in due course.

JKA England will offer competitor entry and 4 spectators free for the winner and JKAE publicity for the winner (and maybe more!!). Watch this space.

JKA National Championships 2016

25th June 2016

Glastonbury weekend and the rain held off for this years Championships. The hall was still humid though with over 350 competitors taking part in this prestigious event. TSKC were represented by 24 members spanning most of the categories in both the KYU Grade as well as the Black & Brown Belt competitions. The competition started on time with the elimination events for individual Kata categories and culminating with the Team events.

After the lunch saw the start of the Kumite events. The KYU grades performed either 3 step sparring or one step sparring depending on their grade whilst the Black & Brown belts had Jiyuu Ippon Kumite or Jiyuu Kumite depending on their age. Once the Elimination events for the Black & Brown belts were completed and the KYU Grades competition had been completed, the formal introduction of the event took place. This included the news of Sensei Tom Peebles progress from his hospitalisation in May this year. Sensei Tom showed us his progress by walking unaided to receive his Get Well card. Also Sensei Roy Tomlin was given a congratulatory card for he is the recipient of the Queens award for services to the community in the guise of an MBE.

The members of JKA England were introduced before presentations were made to the Club Instructors who had been awarded either a certificate or an award in the new Club 50 or Club 100. This relates to the number of current members in the club at a predetermined date prior to the Championships. TSKC are proud to announce that we were one of six recipients to receive the Club 100 award which endorsed the fact that we have been in the top 3 of JKA England's biggest clubs for the last 4 years or so. The Black & Brown belt finals then got underway. A big thank you to all those who supported and participated in this event.

We had a number of karateka participating in these finals and we are pleased to have won the following medals from the afternoon's events:

TSKC Medal / Certificate Winners: National Championships 2016
Name Kata Kumite Team Kata
Ananya Rastogi Silver Bronze
Anchal Garg Bronze Silver
Eliza Hudson Gold Bronze Bronze
Jason Fox Bronze
Lily West Bronze
Chloe Read Bronze
Melanie Orriss Silver
Charlie Dempsey Bronze
Yasemin Miller Bronze Bronze Bronze

KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

12th June 2016

Awesome! What a fantastic day. As is the norm when Sensei Gary comes to TSKC, it rained but this did not dampen the spirits of the 77 karateka who came to train and / or grade. We were host to some students from Harpenden SKC and I am sure they enjoyed the day as much as our members.

TSKC piloted a new process for registering students to grade. Instead of handing in the Grading Record Form (GRF); Licence and Grading fee before the grading day, students were requested just to submit the GRF to show / commit to their intention to grade. Licences and fees could now be made on the day. Did it work? In a way, yes. Did experience a hiccup never seen before at our gradings. It also seems to be a slower process for people booking in, however, TSKC were informed about numbers grading a lot earlier than before.

The format was reverted to two pre-grading courses, each followed by the associated gradings for those students. Due to the introduction of the interim grading to remove any temporary grades students may have received at previous gradings, all students passed their gradings. It was great to see the majority of students excel and surpass what was expected of them. Personally, I was extremely impressed with the manner in which the white belts and the yellow belts performed.

The first class comprised of the Black & Brown Belts together with all purple belts. Their hour long course was timed in Sensei Gary Minutes and went on for 90 minutes. Sensei Stewart's theme for both courses revolved around the upcoming JKA National Championships for both Black & Brown belts and the Kyu grades. Covering not only the content of the categories, Sensei Gary also explained the general etiquette expected to be observed by the participants and judged on by the Officials. Together with some stamina and fitness training, Sensei Gary went through all the Heian Kata and allowed the Black & Brown Belts to 'show off' by performing their favourite kata.

Sensei Gary mirrored the same content for the lower grades but did also concentrate on techniques etc they would be expected to demonstrate during their grading. The difference being that each grade focussed on their kata rather than on all of them.

All in all, a good day was had by everyone. It was rounded off by some of the students accompanying Sensei's Gary and Lester, to a restaurant in Wing to enjoy each other's company in less formal surroundings. Here's to September!

TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.


Kata Course

4th June 2016

If you are unaware, on 1st May 20016 two of our students passed their Shodan grading. Also on that day, there were family celebrations when the Chief Instructor of Stevenage Sensei Tom Peebles passed his Godan grading and his grandson, Charlie, passed his Shodan grading too. No one expected to hear that 10 days later, Tom was rushed into hospital after a series of attacks of debilitating strokes. Tom was seriously ill, not being able to walk, talk coherently, swallow and paralysis down the right side of his body. I understand that there was also loss of sight. Things appeared to get worse through the night but Tom fought hard against all odds and started the in roads to recovery. In only 3 weeks, Tom has made enough progress to move to a rehabilitation unit in Welwyn and has vowed that he will walk into the National Championships arena on 25th June 2016. I can tell you, I will be there to see that!

Tom is self employed and as such, no money is coming into the household. Lynn, Tom's wife, is disabled and unable to work but of course, they need to eat, bills need to be paid. One of Tom's students, Corinne Di Creddico, took it upon herself to try and raise £3,000 for Tom through a Just Giving page. TSKC decided that they would hold a Kata Course on Saturday 4th June 2016, after the regular class. The course was free but any donations given would go towards Corinne's cause.

The course started of explaining why it was actually taking place and where any donations were going. It was then great pleasure to present Ben Wheeler his JKA Shodan certificate in front of the attendees. Then we got down to some kata! Sensei Keith Needham volunteered to take a couple of the students off to one side to teach them Heian Shodan through to Heian Sandan whilst the remaining students had just over an hour learning Gojushiho Sho. Special thanks must also go to Yasemin Miller, a member of the JKA England squad as well as a TSKC member for all the demonstrations.

To say everyone worked 100% appears to be an understatement from the amount of sweat on the floor. Amongst the 12 Black and Brown belts, two green belts were in the mix. Certainly hope this kata doesn't throw you for your grading next week! After the course, Dawn explained that she was going to see her friend and would be staying overnight

I do believe everyone had a good time and my thanks go to all attendees and those who donated money for Tom's family. TSKC so far has managed to raise £400.00. Well done!


JKA Junior European Championships

21st - 22nd May 2016

Our club member, Yasemin Miller, was part of the JKA England team who travelled to Nis, Serbia to participate in the Championships. The journey was not as straight forward as we hoped it would be with over an hour at the border crossing between Bulgaria and Serbia. The Team, coaches and Officials eventually arrived at the hotel around 1 o'clock in the morning. The hotel were good enough to feed us too which was welcomed but made the 7am breakfast time difficult to get up to.

The squad spent the day training and the Officials need to attend a briefing in the afternoon. Serbian building structure is a sight to be seen, to be believed!

Saturday came and the Team were at the venue at 8am. The individual events took place today and every JKA England member did their best against strong opposition. Due to a small delay and a long opening ceremony, we never got away from the Sports centre until 9.30pm. A very long day indeed. On Sunday the Team events and Veterans had their categories which went a little bit quicker. We finished at about 1.30pm which was fortunate as we had a long journey to make to get back to Sofia airport in Bulgaria.

Yasemin entered all categories: Individual Kata; individual Kumite; Team Kata and Team Kumite. She worked really hard and getting 3rd place as part of the Team Kumite was well deserved. Congratulations!


Certificate Presentation

10th May 2016

Due to the fact that the Winslow Dojo was closed last week following the JKA International Course and DAN grading, students at the dojo had not yet been formally told of our recent success with our two new Shodans, Laney and Eliza. After the rapturous applause, I had great pleasure in presenting Rachel with her Shodan certificate and look forward to her training with TSKC for many years to come.


TSKC Grading

7th May 2016

Today was the first grading held by the Chief Instructor for those students who were on temporary grades from their last grading. Students at a regular grading who did not perform to their full potential or reach the required standard to receive a full pass, were given temporary passes, meaning that between then and the next grading, they would be expected to work on the previous grading syllabus as well as the next step.

TSKC have introduced this grading to take place approximately one week or so before the next grading to have the temporary grade replaced with a full grade. This means that the student will be on the same footing as everyone else and will solely be grading for the next belt rather than confirming their existing grade.

We had four students taking their grading today, 3 from TSKC and one from Harpenden. They all performed well, removing their temporary grade and pointers given which should help them with their regular grading in June. Congratulations!

A huge thank you to Keith, Yasemin and Eliza who stayed behind after class to assist with the grading. Your help is greatly appreciated.

JKA Course and Grading

29th April - 1st May 2016

The Spring course at the K2 Leisure Centre, started on the Friday of the Bank Holiday Weekend. The visiting Instructors from Japan, who ably assisted Sensei Ohta, were; Sensei Kawawada 8th Dan, Sensei Hirayama 6th Dan, Sensei Nemoto 5th Dan. We were also honoured to have Sensei Larsen 7th Dan from Norway. To express how beneficial and exciting these courses are, I asked a student, Dawn Read, to write a short report on her experiences:

So course day came around at the K2 in Crawley. I could only attend on the Saturday as I had races planned for the Sunday and Monday. This is the first course I've ever been on and I'm a 1st kyu!! As I need to attend 2 courses before being able to attempt my Dan grading I had to get myself to this one.

I was extremely apprehensive about it all to be honest. Not knowing the venue or what to expect on the day. I honestly needn't have been, the journey was easy as was parking. Registration was a breeze and I started to see some familiar faces, everyone I met was really friendly though. I found some TSKC club members and chatted to those until the course began. After lining up not in grade order which threw me a bit and instructor introductions we split into grade related groups. I was with Eva and Sensei Ohta, learning more about basics and then putting them to practice with some kumite. It was great to actually put the techniques into practice with other JKA members and I ended up pairing up with a lady from Portugal. After the break was kata. I was in the Jion group. As I am new to learning Jion, I surrounded myself with black belts, 2 of which were from Germany and helped me with the more technical aspects of the kata making sure my feet and arms were in the correct positions as well as telling me the applications.

All in all I had an absolutely fantastic time, trained quite hard and met some great people. My only wish is that I'd attended these courses sooner, as a lower grade, instead of waiting till I had to do them. These courses would have made my regular training easier especially as your learning from some of the best in the association!

Dawn xx

The following day of Dawn's course, the Dan gradings were held. I am elated to say that both Laney Haywood and Eliza Hudson were successful in passing their Shodan grading. Laney has shown great restraint and determination on her journey to Shodan. Unlike many other students nationally, she has decided herself the right time for her to grade as opposed to grading as soon as she was eligible. Eliza's journey was completely different. Aged 8½, Eliza trains at least 4 times a week, every week and sometimes this is after having a two hour swimming lesson! She is completely focussed and dedicated and I believe, the youngest Black Belt TSKC has ever had. Congratulations!

KYU Grading & Course at Bierton

6th March 2016

I knew it was going to be a busy day when my day started off taking an extra 30 minutes getting to Radlett for a prior engagement before the grading. The trip back was going to be fun too as I had a 45 minute slot to get to Bierton. The journey should take 40. The A41 from The Crow's Nest to the M25 was closed when I left this morning but fortunately was open on the way back EXCEPT for the junction before The Crow's Nest. So arriving at Bierton at 1.15pm wasn't the best start for me. I also had a call from a fellow instructor who was also stuck in traffic on the A41.

Imagine my surprise when I found 85 students training! I only expected to see 60. Must find a better way of registering students for gradings. This is why it is so important to know who is grading before the actual day! Due to the underestimated attendees, there were 3 or 4 students who did not get their belt. Apologies.

Sensei Gary was our Grading Examiner and he seemed to cope extremely well with the large number of students in our dojo. Due to the traffic problems and number of students, the lesson was extended 30 minutes. Following on from the lesson, was the grading. We were pleased to have Students from Harpenden, JKA Marlow, Harborough SKC and West Oxford Joining us today.

Once the grading up to and including the yellow belts was completed, their results were given and permitted to leave. The remaining students then had their grading. A big congratulations must go to Katrina Rosin who double graded from Prov 9th Kyu to 8th Kyu. There were also many other students who had extremely good gradings. Well done to all who attended.

TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.



DAN Grading & Course

28th February 2016

There was an excellent turnout of karateka for the National course held in Grantham last weekend considering the majority of those attending came from the South of England. As usual, Sensei Ohta and the Senior Instructors of the Technical Committee gave superb instruction to the students. This afforded the opportunity to hone their skills in preparation of the DAN grading which was to follow.

There were a few surprises in the resulting grading but I am pleased to announce that our oldest member (in age) was successful in passing Shodan at his first attempt. Anthony Coogan was training with the Ardley SKC dojo when we took it over. It later moved to it's current location in Bicester at St Mary's School. Tony has been training with us since 2009 and during that time his son used to train with us and now his daughter, Ann, is training. It was not an easy grading but Tony gave 110% and it paid off. Tom Green, originally a Winslow dojo attendee, also trains at Bicester nowadays and he successfully passed his basics and kumite. So next time will have the opportunity to just do Kata.

Huge congratulations to Tony on his achievement!


ALL Grades Course and DAN Grading

5th December 2015
Click pic for pics

What a day! We had a plethora of students taking their grading today at the Hutton Moor Leisure entrée in Weston super Mare. The majority of them travelled down the night before together with some students who were attending just to train. My injury prevented me from training and demonstrating my kata to confirm my International qualification success in Japan in October but that wasn't going to stop me supporting my students.

3 hours of training with the senior grades of JKA England plus a special guest Instructor from HQ Japan, Sensei Ogane. There were some very interesting variations performed with kata including mirror image kata which TSKC should be fairly familiar with. A new one for me was one-arm kata!

Post course, a tense hour saw many students practising so hard. There was a clue during the course that the Grading Examiners choice of kata was going to be Heian Nidan and sure enough, it was. However, Rachel was not convinced. She was Kata only and she was spotted practicing ALL the Heian katas and Tekki Shodan. Good job she did as Rachel's kata was Yondan!

At the end of the day, the results for Shodan were good. Congratulations to
Ben Wheeler & Rachel Kader for passing Shodan.

The following students also had a good result and can now focus more on what is needed:
Chloe Sales - Kata Only
Laney Haywood - Kata Only
Eva Wheeler - Kumite Only
Alec Perry - Kata Only
Kieran Ray - Kata Only
Patricia Perry - Kumite Only

Press Article - 4 Nations

November 2015

Nice to see the club well represented in the local press again. Let's make this a regular feature. Everyone in Bucks needs to know how good our club is. Our next major events which could well deserve some press coverage are: DAN Grading in Weston super Mare and the JKA Open Championships in Ireland.

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4 Nations - RESULTS

31st October 2015

TSKC were well represented at the 4 Nations Championships today, with 29 participants amongst those from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Norway. the tough end of this competition is with the Black and Brown belts as each Nation enter their squad members which makes it an extremely tough category to be in. I would therefore like to extend my thanks to all Black and Brown belts who participated today. We still managed some representation in the medals table with Jason FOX getting Silver in kata and Yasemin MILLER getting Bronze in her category.

There were quite a few newcomers from TSKC participating in their first competition today and some coming away with great results- 14 medals in all. All in all, EVERYONE played their part and did themselves, as well as the club, proud. Well done.

Student Reports from
Yasemin Miller: CLICK HERE!

Eliza Hudson: CLICK HERE!

Fionnhuala Davies: CLICK HERE!


TSKC Medal / Certificate Winners: Four Nations Championships 2015
Name Kata Kumite
Alisha Sandhu Bronze
Ananya Rastogi Silver
Eliza Hudson Gold Silver
Jason Fox Silver
Anchal Garg Gold
Chloe Read Bronze
David Perry Bronze
Fionnhuala Davies Silver Bronze
Leon Haines Bronze Bronze
Priya Sandhu Bronze
Yasemin Miller Bronze

Japan Gasshuku 2015

15 - 18th October 2015

At long last, my desire to visit JKA HQ's in Japan has happened! My previous plan to attend the Gasshuku in 2011 was scuppered when Japan suffered an horrendous tsunami. Timing was just not right - until now. So on Sunday 11th October in company with Gary Stewart, Giuseppe D'Onofrio and Thaier Gabrial we set off from Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2 for Tokyo, Japan. We were stopping off in Turkey en route, however, the four hour flight did not really prepare me for the subsequent 11 hour flight from Istanbul to Narita, especially as I had not managed to get a seat with extra leg room.

We spent approximately two hours discussing different aspects of the Gasshuku and pending Qualification exams. We were also meeting up with Adel Ismail who had flown out a week earlier for extra training. We were all participating in Qualification exams or gradings of some description which included Instructor, Judges and Examiner Licences. Adel and Gabrial were both taking gradings. Having arrived at Narita, we had missed the early coach to take us direct to our hotel so we decided to take the train. We arrived at Suidobashi station which was a 3 minute walk from the hotel, which after all our travelling was so welcomed. Settled in to the hotel, got changed and went to explore Tokyo City Dome as it was a holiday and there was a home baseball game going on. It was also an experience to see the locals dressing up in their anime costumes.

After an afternoon nap, it was down to the British Pub for refreshments. This became a focal point to meet up with our JKA friends. We attended JKA Honbu for two days before Gasshuku to train in regular classes. These were awesome. It gave us the opportunity to get used to where to go and what to do. For Gabrial and myself, it was our first visit to this wonderful country, so lots to take note of. Gary, Gabrial, Joe (Giuseppe) and myself were all taking various levels of Instructor, Judge and Examiner. We were all together in the same class for the Gasshuku. I would estimate that there were about 70 - 80 in our class who were either taking exams or grading. We had two classes per day and also practical and written exams taken during the course of the Gasshuku. The Grading results were given out on the Saturday evening. Both Adel and Gabrial passed their gradings, 6th and 5th DAN respectively. Gary was the only student who was taking B Examiner to pass. I am pleased to say that I passed all three of my exams. Out of the estimated 75 examinees there were only 26 successful students - all five JKA England participants passed. What a result for us and a great advertisement for JKA England.

I thoroughly recommend all students, if you ever get the chance, to go and train at JKA Headquarters. Maybe I feel a club outing coming on. Who's interested?


TSKC Special Course - Winslow

20th September 2015

Firstly, I would like to thank all the TSKC karateka who dragged themselves out of bed on a Sunday morning to attend the TSKC Special Course in Winslow today. Our guest Instructor was Jana Sersnova 2nd DAN JKA, assistant Junior Squad coach. She made it clear that the finer details of ones karate was so important. Such things as the hikete hand when punching; preparing for the next block or strike as quickly as possible; balance and stability - pushing downwards into the ground and most of all using the hips to either generate power when kicking or when moving forward to punch.

Time didn't appear to be on our side either - it just flew! The second part of the course focussed on two kata in general: Heian Nidan and Heian Godan. Both kata's giving Jana the opportunity to explain that the first move in each, it is important for the body to drop and step out into back stance rather than moving and stepping to the side. During both sessions Jana also demonstrated the fact that stamina and perseverance is important in training and getting it right the first time through effort is more rewarding than being lazy and trying to take the easy way out.

It was a great course and the students showed their appreciation with a rapturous applause at the end of the course. Jana said afterwards that she thought the students displayed a great standard throughout and mentioned that one student came up to her afterwards and thanked her for the course and told her she wanted to be like her when she got older. So nice. Certainly hope to see Jana back with us again one day. Finally, I was very pleased to see some of the students I didn't expect to see. Great effort.

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JKA DAN Grading

13th September 2015

The day didn't start too good. I had been informed that Rachel was not going to be in a position to take her grading due to a family illness. We were down to two students going forward to take their Shodan grading. First up was Jamie as he was doing a full grading. Called up in the first four students of the day, Jamie worked really hard. All of the students performed well, in fact, the juniors outclassed the seniors in todays grading, in my opinion. Jamie's basics were executed with precision, balance was good and the only comment made was regarding the side edge of his foot when performing a side snap kick. Next was kumite: Jamie was focussed and did everything he was supposed to do. He was sharp and powerful. Then came his nemesis - kata! Jamie's kata was unflawed. No mistakes, good timing and great tempo.

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Freddie was up next. He had been kept waiting whilst all those taking Shodan and Nidan had completed their gradings. Being the only student to do Kumite only, he had no-one to spar against. Sensei Ohta asked for a volunteer and Jamie, as quick as a flash, jumped up to partner Freddie. Great team mates, eh? Freddie performed well with a big help from Jamie, as he didn't hold back either. Grading over, waiting for the results - BOTH passed Shodan. Well done! Now the work begins for you both.

National Championships 2015 at K2 Leisure Centre

27th June 2015

There were around 360 competitors participating at the National Championships for KYU grades and Black & Brown belts. TSKC had 23 participating today in the following categories:
Individual Kata
Individual Kumite and
Team Kata

Set off from home at 7.45am and the sun was shining. It was going to be a hot day. Besides providing 6.39% of the competitors, TSKC had a big presence in the event. We also provided two referees, a timekeeper and some great supporters!

The day started off with the Individual Kata categories followed by the Team Kata category and I must say what a great performance from Tim, Vitaly and Andrew pulling off GOLD in the Seniors. Our three younger teams were up against seasoned karateka consisting of mainly black belts but they performed their best and we cannot ask for anything more. Well done. Our Senior B&B team, Jason Rachel and Nicole was put together for the first time on the morning of the competition. Didn't they do well to place third BRONZE!

Other special mentions must go to Charlie for his first place GOLD in Kumite and 4th place in Kata; Hilary getting Bronze in Kumite; GOLD for Jason in Kata; Eliza a double medal winner - SILVER in Kata and BRONZE in Kumite; Jason and his second individual medal in Kumite - SILVER and finally Vitaly with BRONZE in Kumite.

A huge thank you to all the other competitors who participated:

         click pic for pics
James MFreddie De M
Euan KMaisie K
Tim CDylan L H
Ken SYasemin M
Barbara HJulie M
Kieran RNick R
Jamie THarry T
Dylan TLuca W

I hope that this is the start of more and more TSKC students taking part in competitions.

Jason's Kata Winning *GOLD*

TSKC Course

12th April 2015

Sunday afternoon. No rain. In fact, quite a pleasant day. Venue: Winslow dojo. Why? Because we want to, that's why! Today was TSKC's first club course of the year and as promised by the course instructor - basics were not on the agenda. After the warm up, the students were immediately acquainted with spinning and the use of uraken during this manoeuvre. Curiously, we moved on from that by acclimatising ourselves with two versions of front hand punch, stepping punch and reverse punch but not in the basic manner. We also used a few tips and exercises to help improve speed whilst stepping. Suddenly we were zig-zagging over the dojo floor. All became clear when we formed 2 columns and learned how to move quickly between opponents delivering the aforementioned techniques with precision, speed and power.

We moved on and back to the spinning we started with at the beginning of the course and applied this to a few self defence techniques which could be used and effectively in a number of situations. I think the student found this extremely good fun. Following this, the class was split into 2 with Black & Brown belts in one group, everyone else in the other. The former worked with Lester and the latter with Keith. Initially, there was a little class work which was meant to educate all but primarily directed towards the 1st Kyu's who may be trying for Shodan in the near future. Topics covered all appear in the written part of the forthcoming Shodan Assessment. The Course was then concluded by teaching the senior students Chinte - which had the younger members in stitches at some points. The lower grades concentrated on performing moves in Heian Shodan correctly.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable course and look forward to seeing you all in the dojo.

Success at the Copper Box - DAN Grading

14th February 2015

This was the first, of what may be many, attendances at the Copper box Arena, Olympic Park, London, where JKA England held their ALL Grade Course and DAN Grading - the first for 2015. 300+ karateka attended for the training and grading. There must have been between 50-60 4th to 10th kyu grades which was a joy to see. TSKC had around 12 students present, two of which were here to take their Shodan grading.

Rachel Kader and Rob Johnson were ready to take on the gruelling task and tackle the 3 sections before them - Kihon; Kata and Kumite. The standard in the basics section (Kihon) of the grading was of an improved and particularly high standard.The students had to perform two katas, one of their choice and the other, that of the examiners. Following on was Kumite where after having performed the basic semi free one step sparring then went on for some free style sparring.

Then came the wait of around an hour and a half, whilst the remaining students graded for Shodan and Nidan.

Huge congratulations to Rob Johnson for passing his Shodan grading. This is the perfect example of commitment and perseverance and epitomises the saying that "A Black Belt is a White Belt who never gave up". Rob never gave up. Rachel passed her basics and her kumite and needs to retake her kata next time. Well done.

JKA England Squad 2015


Big congratulations to Yasemin Miller, who having passed her Shodan grading on 6th December last year, one month later, has been selected to be part of the JKA England Squad. Well done.

I can also confirm that Sensei Jason FOX has also been re-selected to be part of the squad. We wish them all the best for 2015. Further to that, Squad selection is now a continual thing and if you think you would like to trial for a place on the squad, let me know and I will arrange the necessary introductions.

International Course & Grading

Sunday 28th September 2014

What a great weekend! The JKA England Autumn International course started on Friday and I was there for the 3 days with the guest instructors Sawada Sensei 7th DAN and Shiina Sensei 7th DAN together with our very own Chief Instructor Ohta Sensei 7th DAN. The training was top class and I can only comment on what I was involved in but I am sure that it was excellent across the board.

Really nice to see some new faces from TSKC attending the course - Vitaly, Eleanor and Rishi. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. The last day culminated in DAN gradings up to 4th DAN and I am very pleased to announce that Emily Heaney passed her Shodan grading first time. So much determination and spirit pit into her grading. Well done! 100% pass rate today as opposed to our 0% back in May.


TSKC 20th Year Anniversary


To celebrate 20 years of Tairyoku Shotokan Karate Club, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to bundle together a lot of different celebrations, dreams and experiences. During 2019, I will reach the ripe old age of around 50!!'ish, same for Shannon and a 30 year wedding anniversary for Sue and I, so wouldn't it be a good idea to drag the other half along with me and to see if anyone would also like to realise a dream of - training in Japan!

In 2015, I was fortunate enough to go and train at JKA Headquarters with some of my friends from JKA England. It was my first visit to this wonderful country and attending Honbu was an amazing experience every karateka should have the opportunity to experience. My last visit was at Gasshuku which meant we trained everyday and had little time to ourselves to enjoy all that Japan had to offer.

Not thought about where to go in 2019 yet? Have you booked your holiday for 2019? What are you going to do for your week off in 2019? Why not have a trip to JAPAN? If you're serious about your karate, this is for you! All I need to know at this stage is if you are interested. No commitment. This is for you and your family. The more, the merrier. I am suggesting that we go for a week or so with maybe two visits to JKA HQ for training. The rest of the time we can do some sightseeing around Tokyo and the nearby Provinces, visit temples, Mt. Fuji and lots of other interesting places and activities that Japan offers.
EXAMPLES: Japan / Tokyo
I am open to suggestions. You'll be free to do whatever you want. If you are interested, I am looking to attend a Lodge meeting on this visit, time and circumstances permitted, so if you are qualified to attend, let me know. I just think it would be awesome to have a TSKC presence at Honbu. Let me know what you think. Send Email

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