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Private Lessons
Are you behind on lessons? Do you need to attend more lessons to make your quota before the next grading? TSKC is offering you the chance to have private lessons individually or as small groups (no more than 4) to help you reach your quota. Each hourly lesson will count as 3 lessons towards your grading. Private lessons will enable you to improve your techniques and fine tune the details in your kata. For full details and more info contact Lester Wellington - Chief Instructor via the online message form on the website.
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Gradings 2021
The following dates for this years KYU Gradings will be booked and are due to take place as follows:

➣ Saturday, 13th March 2021
➢ Saturday, 12th June 2021
➣ Saturday, 11th September 2021
➢ Saturday, 11th December 2021

TSKC Kyu Belt Racks
Ever wondered what to do with the belts from your past gradings? Want somewhere special to display your karate belts? We have your answer! Fully customisable belt racks made to order, to store your belts on your wall or on a freestanding display unit.
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You can have your name across the top; dates of gradings below the belts; wood left in natural pine or stained to your choice. Many options available. For full details contact Sensei Wellington from the CONTACTS page using the online form.

TSKC Grading in Bierton

25th June 2022

Heading back to some normality now. The number of students grading is increasing and long may that last.

The mid year grading at Bierton started with an hours class to run through the grading syllabus for the students grading.

It was good to see five students taking their first grading as much as it was to see two of the committed students finishing up their KYU grades. A huge congratulations to all students who took and passed their grading.


TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

Student of the Month

November 2019

Well done Leon Haines who trains at the Winslow and Buckingham dojos. He is this months recipient of Student of the Month Award. Leon has shown commitment and enthusiasm to his training, assists in class with teaching and volunteers for competitions at every opportunity. Truly deserved.

See the Awards page: Awards Page

New Black Belts in TSKC

3rd November 2019

The K2 Leisure Centre was the venue for the JKA England International Winter Course. Guest Instructors from Japan were Sensei's Imamura 7th DAN and Kurihara 5th DAN together with our very own Sensei Ohta. Today was also a special day for Sensei Ohta as it is his birthday. The course spanned the whole weekend, culminating in a DAN grading up to 5th DAN.

TSKC had 3 students grading for Shodan: Julie Markova; Cyril Marek and David Perry.All performed well under the extreme pressure they were put under - especially Julie. The proof of how well they done was in the result - PASS SHODAN for all three. Huge congratulations!

Course and DAN Grading

5th May 2019

The International Course was held at the K2 Arena from 3rd May to the 6th May 2019 with Sensei's Ogura Sensei 7th Dan JKA, Ogane Sensei 4th Dan JKA, Gneo Sensei 7th Dan JKA, Sawada Sensei 7th Dan JKA and Ohta Sensei, 7th Dan JKA taking the lead roles teaching. The first day of training can always be a difficult day to attend due to work commitments by many people. On day 2 a lot more students are able to attend and after the course, there was the practical referees qualification test.

Moving on to day 3 which is the one the DAN gradings are held. 27 students going for Shodan, three for Nidan, ten for Sandan, 4 for Yondan and one for Godan. There were EIGHT passes for Shodan, TWO for Nidan, ONE for Sandan and TWO for Yondan. I will have to confirm this as this was from memory.

However, Congratulations go to Keira on passing Shodan and David P and Cyril for obtaining Kata only next time. I think December will be an interesting month for TSKC.

JKA National Championships 2018

23rd June 2018

Video Eliza's Gold winning Jion

Video Yasemin's 4th place Empi

This is the 15th year Anniversary National Championships for JKA England and although TSKC were down on the number of participants, we were well represented in all aspects. We had referees, timekeepers, coaches, spectators and last but by no means least, were the stalwart competitors for whom we were all there for. Our competitors were;
Chloe Read
Leon Page
Eva Asekun-Taylor
Euan and Maisie Kane
Eliza Hudson
Yasemin Miller
Keira and Jo Mckenzie
Eleanor Stevens
Emily Hannon

TSKC still managed to pull together two teams for kata one of whom made it through to the finals where they won Bronze. Leon performed extremely well in both Kata and kumite getting through to the last 8 in both. Medals will soon be falling his way if he keeps this up. Eleanor won Bronze in her kumite category. Maisie, Euan, Chloe, Jo and Emily, despite not getting medals, held their own and did their best during the elimination rounds. Emily, apparently performed her best yet kata but was beaten by a competent opponent.

Eva had an extremely good completion especially when she faced Mia Lam in the eliminations and gave as good as she got. Well done Eva. Yasemin got through to the finals in her kata category and after a gruelling re-match, attained 4th place. Top 3 were all JKA England squad members. Keira performed well in her individual categories and was integral in the team kata placing 3rd. Well done.

Eliza did what she does best - compete! Winning Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite and Bronze with Keira and Yasemin. All was not over yet. Eliza was also presented with a shield as the best overall Junior competitor during the Championships. I believe this is the second time she has won this. At the age of only 10yrs old, you really must appreciate just how good she is.


Extract of Letter from Head of Association

9th March 2018

Going forward, third dan and above gradings will now only take place at the International Courses twice a year. To be eligible to grade at that level you must have attended a JKA England National or International Course in the preceding year and attend all days of the course (4 days in Spring and 3 days in Winter). Other dan grading events will only be up to second dan and the rules remain unchanged.

There is a new JKA England syllabus now in operation. Copies were given to Chief Instructors at the AGM. If you have not received one please email technical@jka-england.org

As you know, the English Karate Federation requires that all JKA England Chief Instructors hold a Child Safety and First Aid certificate. We held a very successful course First Aid Course in the South East and are currently arranging a course for each of the another regions. Details will be sent to you via your Regional Representative when finalised.

JKA England has adopted the NSPCC online Child Safety Course. The link to the webpage is below.

NSPCC Online Course

For those of you who received an email regarding the EKF coaching license please do not complete and return the form until you have both the Child Safety and First Aid certificates.

As I am sure you are aware, this year is our 15th Anniversary. Our May course should be especially interesting with Imura, Kobayashi and Mai Shiina Sensei’s coming over from JKA Headquarters in Tokyo as well as our good friend Sawada Sensei from Belgium. It would be great to see you and your students there supporting the Association.

Finally, we have a have hard working and dedicated Executive and Technical Committee. Our role is to support you in whatever way we can so if you need help or assistance please let us know. All contact details are on the website at JKA-England.org

Very best wishes

Tony Cronk
Head of Association
JKA England

With karate now being a feature in the next Olympic games, this is your opportunity to join our club and learn the Traditional Art of Shotokan Karate, the way it is taught at the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in Japan.

Tairyoku Shotokan Karate Club was the first JKA England club in Buckinghamshire and has Dojo's spread across the central and northern parts of the county. With Classes being held Monday to Saturday, there should always be a class for you to attend.

Gradings for the students takes place every 3 months at our Bierton Dojo. Training is in a family friendly environment. We invite Novices, beginners and advanced students to come and join us and see what it's all about.

Contact the Chief Instructor, Sensei Lester Wellington, for details

Japan Gasshuku 2015

15 - 18th October 2015

At long last, my desire to visit JKA HQ's in Japan has happened! My previous plan to attend the Gasshuku in 2011 was scuppered when Japan suffered an horrendous tsunami. Timing was just not right - until now. So on Sunday 11th October in company with Gary Stewart, Giuseppe D'Onofrio and Thaier Gabrial we set off from Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2 for Tokyo, Japan. We were stopping off in Turkey en route, however, the four hour flight did not really prepare me for the subsequent 11 hour flight from Istanbul to Narita, especially as I had not managed to get a seat with extra leg room.

We spent approximately two hours discussing different aspects of the Gasshuku and pending Qualification exams. We were also meeting up with Adel Ismail who had flown out a week earlier for extra training. We were all participating in Qualification exams or gradings of some description which included Instructor, Judges and Examiner Licences. Adel and Gabrial were both taking gradings. Having arrived at Narita, we had missed the early coach to take us direct to our hotel so we decided to take the train. We arrived at Suidobashi station which was a 3 minute walk from the hotel, which after all our travelling was so welcomed. Settled in to the hotel, got changed and went to explore Tokyo City Dome as it was a holiday and there was a home baseball game going on. It was also an experience to see the locals dressing up in their anime costumes.

After an afternoon nap, it was down to the British Pub for refreshments. This became a focal point to meet up with our JKA friends. We attended JKA Honbu for two days before Gasshuku to train in regular classes. These were awesome. It gave us the opportunity to get used to where to go and what to do. For Gabrial and myself, it was our first visit to this wonderful country, so lots to take note of. Gary, Gabrial, Joe (Giuseppe) and myself were all taking various levels of Instructor, Judge and Examiner. We were all together in the same class for the Gasshuku. I would estimate that there were about 70 - 80 in our class who were either taking exams or grading. We had two classes per day and also practical and written exams taken during the course of the Gasshuku. The Grading results were given out on the Saturday evening. Both Adel and Gabrial passed their gradings, 6th and 5th DAN respectively. Gary was the only student who was taking B Examiner to pass. I am pleased to say that I passed all three of my exams. Out of the estimated 75 examinees there were only 26 successful students - all five JKA England participants passed. What a result for us and a great advertisement for JKA England.

I thoroughly recommend all students, if you ever get the chance, to go and train at JKA Headquarters. Maybe I feel a club outing coming on. Who's interested?


Shodan Assessment

16th November 2021

As per JKA England policy, all 1st Kyu grade students wishing to go for their Shodan grading, need to have satisfied certain criteria before doing so. These include:
Minimum period of 6 months since grading to full 1st Kyu
Attended two National / International courses (one within 12 months of the grading date)
Take a physical assessment with a 3rd Dan or above.

TSKC have taken it one step further. As Black belts, TSKC think it is important that DAN grades have an expected level of knowledge of what they have been learning for the last 3 plus years. To that end, students must also sit a written exam to test their knowledge on technique, kata, organisation, rules and etiquette in which they need to gain a minimum of 60% pass. Failing the written exam fails them for the whole assessment. They must also obtain a 60% or more in the physical assessment to be permitted to attend the DAN grading.

The results of the assessments can be viewed by the participants only and in each case, only their own. If you took your assessment, you will or should have received an email with your password therein. To view your Shodan Assessment Report and Result, please click on the link below. Enter your Last name; Date of Birth; PWD provided to you via email / SMS in the following format: "Lastname;Initial;DateofBirth;PWD" removing the ";" between the format shown. i.e. "BloggsJ0101927F6Mh3Z". We don't have a Bloggs in the club so don't use that one! Date of Birth MUST be in the format MMDDYY. Please note there is no space between any of the input data. Also, you MUST either [tab] to the SUBMIT button or use the mouse otherwise it may result in an error and not accessing your page. The results will be removed after the DAN Grading.


As of last Monday, dojo's are now open. Restrictions have been lifted and training is back to normal, however, please note that some venues and indeed TSKC are suggesting that certain measures are still kept in place for the safety of our students, instructors, spectators and parents.

Amongst these are; hand sanitisation; separate Entry / Exit routes where possible; mask wearing when not training and wiping down surfaces frequently used by all. These are not mandatory but preferred. Keep safe; Keep training!

The next Kyu Grading has been scheduled for Saturday 11th September 2021 at Bierton.

If you have not already realised, TSKC have not stopped our online classes. They are on Monday's, Wednesdays and Friday's starting at 6pm sharp. They are held on Zoom and will continue throughout this pandemic. To join, either use the Zoom App and meeting ID 830 229 5918 or click on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8302295918

You will be put into a waiting room. Please wait patiently until you are admitted.

TSKC Covid Update

5th November 2020

From Thursday 5th November 2020, all our dojo's will close due to the Government restrictions placed on us regarding the current lockdown because of Covid-19. It is for four weeks only and I'm sure we will get through this as the last time, we were closed for 6 months. We will be continuing to hold Zoom classes of our students on Monday and Friday evenings starting at 6pm. If you need more information to join our classes, please contact me. Don't forget, we are holding our Kyu grading on 12th December 2020.

DAN Grading

5th December 2020

It is proposed by JKA England to hold a DAN grading on 5th December 2020. The venue is yet to be decided and the factors that will be taken into consideration will be the number of students who wish to grade. Therefore, you need to let me know whether you wish to take your grading. The email from JKA England is shown below. Obviously this is for 1st Kyu and upwards and if you are taking Shodan, need to take your assessment beforehand. If you would like to grade, please contact me.

"JKA England has received permission from JKA HQ to proceed with a Dan Grading up to Sandan (full and partial) on the 5th December 2020.

As Government Guidelines are changing frequently we cannot be sure that the event will proceed but full details will be sent out when it has been confirmed.

Due to restrictions in social distancing it is currently expected that there will be no training course on the day."

Dojo's re-opening

See below

The protocols in place will be sent to all students before training in September starts. If you do not receive them or would like to know more, please contact me.

JKA England Open Sessions and Squad Selection

See below

JKA England are holding open training sessions prior to squad selection. To be eligible, you need to be under 16yrs - 3rd kyu and above; or 16yrs+ Shodan and above. As part of TSKC you are entitled to attend but please speak to Sensei Wellington before attending.

Open Training Sessions - The sessions give potential squad members a chance to train with the squad and understand the training pace before selections, which we know can be stressful even for experienced squad members! We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible so they can do their best at selections.
Dates: 8 September & 29 September 2019
Time: 2 to 5pm (please arrive 30 minutes early to register)
Location: St. Andrews Youth Club, 12 Old Pye St, Westminster, London SW1P 2DG
Cost: £10/session for non-squad members

Squad Selections 2020
Dates: 27 October 2019
Time: 2 to 5pm (please arrive 30 minutes early to register)
Location: St. Andrews Youth Club, 12 Old Pye St, Westminster, London SW1P 2DG
Cost: £10

Please remember to bring mitts, mouthguard and plenty of water and/or sports drink.

TSKC Grading in Bierton

9th June 2019

Half way through the year saw our second grading of 2019 on Sunday 9th June 2019 which took place at the Bierton dojo starting with a lesson for all. The students participated in a combination exercise utilising the four major blocks in Shotokan, against multiple attackers. Time flew by for the lesson and in no time at all, it was grading time.

The standard at this grading had obviously improved. All students performed well and it showed. The Grading Examiner, Chief Instructor Lester Wellington, was in fine form especially with his sense of humour.

Ruby Redman was awarded the first Student of the Month Award, which has been introduced as part of a memorial to the late Marco Gnaulati, 4th DAN JKA, an extremely good friend to TSKC.

After the grading, we reconvened at Cafe Zeera to eat and pass judgement on the world. Results

TSKC are always looking for new members to come and join our club whether you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are interested please contact us via our CONTACT page.

How can you keep your kids occupied during summer which will also install a sense of self discipline, fitness orientated, fun, enhance self confidence and learn something useful in life? Tairyoku Shotokan Karate Club's are open throughout summer all over Bucks and Bicester where you can learn the Traditional Art of karate. Part of the Japan Karate Association, we provide first class instruction in a family and friendly environment.

The first lesson is FREE but watch out for special introductory offers! For more details checkout the website fully or contact the club. What have you got to lose? Nothing!

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