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DAN gradings take place at various times throughout the year after a JKA England National or International course - on average there are at least 3 DAN gradings per year. Usually there are two National and two International courses. The former at locations around the UK and the latter are currently held at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley.

Karateka can take up to and including 5th DAN in this country. Students grading for Shodan (1st DAN) must pass an Assessment prior to attending the grading. All karateka attempting a DAN grading must have the written permission of the Chief Instructor.

As a candidate to take your Shodan grading, you must have attended at least two National and / or International courses - (the one on the day does not count) - one of which is within 12 months of the Grading date. You must have passed an Assessment; have permission to grade from the Chief Instructor TSKC; there must be at least 6 months since passing your 1st Kyu; take two passport sized photos of yourself on the day of the grading. Your grading form will be partially completed for you. If the grading is for a re-take for kata or kumite, you will be required to produce the previous grading form as proof of taking that grading and provide information for the Examiners so don't lose it!

If you are grading for Nidan and above, you are required to complete the self assessment form also. Those taking Sandan and above must attend all the days of the course they are taking the grading at.

General info
As of 1st January 2010, the new grading fees for DAN grades came into effect together with changes associated with the grading.

1st DAN Full £40
Second attempt* £35
1st DAN Full £45
Second attempt* £40
2nd DAN Full £40
Second attempt* £35
2nd DAN Full £45
Second attempt* £40
3rd DAN Full £40
Second attempt* £35
3rd DAN Full £45
Second attempt* £40
4th DAN Full £45
Second attempt* £50
4th DAN N/A
5th DAN Full £45
Second attempt* £50
5th DAN N/A
* For those who take a Dan grading and achieve only a partial pass with permission to take either Kata or Kumite only next time, the new regulation requires that this condition of taking just kata or kumite will apply once only. Therefore if you do not succeed at the following grading, you will have to take the full grading again on the next occasion.

There are also DAN registration fees to be paid on the day should you be successful in passing your grading.

Shodan Assessments

DAN Registration Fees

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